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This doesn’t look good

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Tonight I was looking under the hood just to check stuff out and came across this. This is my S2 motor terminal and the 2/0 lug that was bolted to it. I imagine it got loose and welded itself into this mess.

I’ll have to see if it will unscrew or not and figure out how to get it back together.

Removed some stuff

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

I removed the scooter motor and the power steering pump to eliminate some weight and clean up the engine bay.  I was going to remove the A/C compressor and the entire front bracket since I need to figure out a way to get that to work.  Problem is we welded the bracket to hold the bracket that holds the A/C in place and the gaps between the frame and the welded piece are smaller than the parts that need to come out.

So I think I can get to it by removing the sway bar and coming out the bottom but I’ll need to lift the car back up to do that.

One oddity I found was that disconnecting the negative most battery cable did not reduce the voltage between the contactors to zero as I’d expect.  Until I disconnected the battery regulator lead it didn’t drop, so i assume there are capacitors on the regulators which hold charge so you could still get a slight zap from those.

It’s getting cold here in Florida so I may bump up the heater replacement.

So what’s next?

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Since I’ve been driving Trans Amped it has been more difficult to work on it.  With it formally up on ramps and jackstands it was no problem to crawl under and do stuff.  Now I basically have to setup before working and I don’t like doing that.

So I haven’t done anything in a while but up next is removing the power steering pump and A/C and associated brackets.  That will probably be about 50 lbs out of the front end and will allow much more flexibility in my control board layout.  I’ve got an idea of making an enclosure where wires go in, wires go out and everything else is hidden.  Now that the car is moving and people are seeing it I’m going to be more careful about making the ability to tap into the full pack voltage, currently about a foot apart, a little more difficult.

Also on the agenda:

  • Figure out a heater to use before it gets cold.
  • Change the battery regulators wiring to 10 guage and relocate the regulators off battery
  • Rear battery cover and carpet modification
  • Relocate front battery regulators to a drier spot
  • Fix the manual steering rack.  The alignment shop said it wasn’t centered and they can’t align it because the tie rod is all the way in already and the toe is still out.