Engine stuff for sale

The 11″ WarP will fit so I’m selling the old engine parts. Pretty much everything that is coming off won’t be needed again.  Here is a listing of parts that I would like to sell.  As far as I know everything would be stock and has 140,000 miles.  See this page for a description of The Day The Trans Am Died and this page for pictures of everything.

All prices are before shipping, I’ll work with you on that. From zip code is 32771 and usually USPS is cheaper.

LT1 Crankshaft – $50
LT1 stock exhaust manifolds, Y-pipe, Cat, cat back – $50
LT1 Mass air flow sensor, no screen – $20
LT1 ignition coil – $10

Email if you are interested in anything – EVTransAm@cfl.rr.com