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Budget Surplus!

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Sold the exhaust to the scrap metal place.  Dollar Dollar.

Regulator Fans

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Received an order of 13 fans to cool the regulators.  I had to undo the pin wiring and reverse them to work with the polarity of the regulators but it was pretty quick with my wife’s help.  Next up is to create a wooden frame to mount them all in and we should be back to driving.  It drives fine now, but a regulator is going into thermal cutback which makes it very difficult to bring the rest of the pack to full when charging.

More parts

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Took advantage of some 15% sales with free shipping and ordered some BMR boxed subframe connectors and boxed lower control arms.  The SFCs will greatly stiffen the chasis from front to back and minimize twisting.  I try to always have to t-tops out so this will definately be a noticable difference in creeks and groans.  I’ve installed them on two of my previous 4th gen f-bodies and think they are an absolute.

The LCA should stiffen the rear axle and reduce\eliminate the wheel hop.  Currently I can’t start in any gear other than first without bouncing the axle, presumable due to the torque of the motor from the stop.  Even in first a hard start will buck.  I think part of the problem is the controller ramps up current, so it doesn’t get enough juice to spin the tires but enough to bind the rear end.  I plan on getting some more video of the rear suspension prior to the weld-in of the SFC.

I also have a slight, rhtymic thump from under the hood at full throttle.  It is not related to rpms or gear so another video in there is planned.

Currently also experiencing what appears to be thermal cutback on one the the rear regulators at 13.1 volts, so the charger cuts back and the batteries won’t charge.  Regulators haven’t been quite right since the rebuild so I’ll be taking them apart to investigate as well.