Removed some stuff

I removed the scooter motor and the power steering pump to eliminate some weight and clean up the engine bay.  I was going to remove the A/C compressor and the entire front bracket since I need to figure out a way to get that to work.  Problem is we welded the bracket to hold the bracket that holds the A/C in place and the gaps between the frame and the welded piece are smaller than the parts that need to come out.

So I think I can get to it by removing the sway bar and coming out the bottom but I’ll need to lift the car back up to do that.

One oddity I found was that disconnecting the negative most battery cable did not reduce the voltage between the contactors to zero as I’d expect.  Until I disconnected the battery regulator lead it didn’t drop, so i assume there are capacitors on the regulators which hold charge so you could still get a slight zap from those.

It’s getting cold here in Florida so I may bump up the heater replacement.


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