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I borrowed neighbor Mike’s 90 degree drill and was able to get the melted bolt out without too much trouble. The threads showed no sign of damage outside a little of the melted black plastic that stuck to it so I think I escaped with only a bolt replacement.

I also took a picture of the new battery regulator rack I’ve been working on. I need a bunch more spacers from Ace but I think it will work out well. My plan is to mount them inside a steel box I’ll make out of sheet metal and install some fans that will be powered by the external load jumpers on the regs.

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  1. Carl Chaboyer Says:

    If you haven’t already done so, I would check the INTERNAL connections on the motor as well. We purchased a used motor that had a similar failure and it failed for us again shortly thereafter. We decided to have the motor rebuilt (mostly due to a small vibration and the lack of a speed pick-up which we had planned to have repaired/upgraded during the rebuild) and they found a severed connection in the internal wiring which was easily repaired and likely the cause of the lug failure.

    You may not be interested in this next piece of advice, but I’ll offer it just the same. When you wear out your current tires, you might consider going with something a little narrower. A P215/55R17 tire would give you the same circumference as your current tire with dramatically reduced rolling resistance (increase in your range). I have also had great success with over-inflation of my tires as well.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best regards,

    Carl Chaboyer