Back to that Bolt

Here are some more pictures of the melted bolt. It’s motor terminal S2. I removed the motor shroud from the forced air cooling so I could see from the inside what the bolt attaches to. I can’t get at the bolt with a bolt extractor without pulling the transmission and removing the motor mounts to rotate the motor so I wondered if I could unbolt the outer “nut” that the bolt goes into. It almost looks like a coupler that the wires from inside the motor connect to as well. My guess is that as long as I can get the inside to bolt back in I should be able to remove the coupler, extract the bolt on a work bench, then reinstall.

I will probably call the manufacturer first though. It does look like some ash/dust has spread into the motor so I don’t know if I need to take off the front motor cover and clean that up or not.

On a side note, I’m hopeful that the bolt melted on the first test run and every drive since then has been lacking power due to the small contact area holding the motor terminals together. It was so minimal when I tried to rotate the cable to see if it would turn the bolt the cable came free very easily so there wasn’t much contact.

Also decided to take everything apart and reinstall having knowledge of how it should go. This time around will be cleaner and safer (no exposed wires carrying full pack voltage within hand’s reach). So today I removed all battery regulators, battery cables, controller and board. It’s basically down to motor and batteries.

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