Wow it’s been a while

Time flies when it’s cold out.  Blew another regulator fuse and sent it back for repair, also ordered a spare.  Putting it all back together now with a couple more improvements that should speed up future maintenance.  Also have several good ideas under the category of “If I ever do that again I’d do it this way”.

A few weeks ago I drove a Nissan Leaf at an event.  Nissan did a really good job showing off the technology and making it an event instead of just a drive.  Comparing to my first experience with the Volt, the Leaf is a smoother, quieter ride.  They also have realy cool electronics, including the phone intergration and charging reminders.

Also went to GM’s Main Street in Motion the other day.  Got to drive a bunch of their vehicles and they’ve got some good stuff.  Got to rag on an Acura TL Super Handling AWD, pretty fun (don’t tell my wife, she for real likes them.)  The cool part was driving the Volt again, this time in full electric mode.  It was a little more favorable to the Leaf, but overall I wish you could mix the exterior of the Volt with the interior of the Leaf.  Technology could be mixed, I like the range extended but 99% of the time wouldn’t need it.  20 miles a day’ll do it.

Looking forward to it warming up a little bit and racking up some miles.  Trying to get an outlet at work where I can trickle charge during the day, should help extend battery life a bit and allow me to have some more fun with it as far as sucking amps.  The acceleration is right in line or better than the Volt / Leaf from 0 to 30.

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