Task List

This is intended to be a list of everything I can think of that is left in Version 2.0. I’ll cross things off as they’re complete and add on as I figure out more stuff I forgot. Not too much further, although there is obviously stuff I’m missing.

Low Voltage

  1. Wiring for + and – LV to terminal bus
  2. Wiring from relocated negative contactor Raptor negative to DC/DC
  3. Vacuum relay triggers to terminal bus in control box.
  4. Split loom on wiring – What a pain, delayed
  5. Connectors for positive and negative from DC/DC to battery
  6. Raptor sensor wiring

Manual Disconnect

  1. Bike brake cable from cabin to breaker
  2. Handle for brake cable


  1. Test the pot box for full throttle
  2. Secure cable to frame
  3. Reattach the return spring securely

High Voltage Cables

  1. Purchase bolts for negative contactor and motor
  2. Cable from control box to Raptor B+
  3. Reconnect all battery strings (front batteries) (rear batteries) (front to back)
  4. Connect charging cable to most positive
  5. Connect charging cable to most negative
  6. Mount negative contactor and wire to switch and ground.

High Voltage Conduit System

  1. Determine cable routing
  2. Locate bracket points
  3. Determine split for negative to enter contactor box

Battery Regulators

  1. Phone cable from front to back
  2. Phone cable to charger
  3. Test with yellow light
  4. Troubleshoot front regulator erratic behavior


  1. Secure the ABS sensor on top of the rear axle
  2. Check air pressure in suspension bags
  3. Top off battery charge
  4. Tee fitting for vacuum line to operate A/C valves
  5. Alignment for manual steering rack

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