It Worked! Almost…

I resolved the issues with the controller.  I wired the negative contactor to a switch installed in the dash.  Flipping that on connects the negative HV to the controller.  My Dc/DC is tied to the open side of the contactor as well, so it kicks in then as well.  That’s a nice benefit to the switch because I can power all my 12V accessories off the pack with the controller still off.

Turning the key to run signals the controller to precharge and then close the postive contactor.  We hooked it all up and it worked.  Everything was wired except the open side of the contactor to the controller because I don’t have the circuit breaker in place yet.  Lacking a manual disconnect, I’d have no way to shut down the controller if something were to go awry.  Tomorrow I’ll see about adding in the circuit breaker and making the full connection.  Then we could go for a test drive.  Oh, about the almost…

Everything powered up like it should, but when I wiggled the steering wheel the motor turning the power steering pulley stopped under the load.  Rats.  The tires are a little flat and the car was stationary so that’s the worst situation the motor would be in, but I don’t know that it will work with the car in motion.  I’m leaning towards a test run tomorrow anyway.  The most difficult part, if the power steering doesn’t work, would be getting it back in the garage.

We will see.

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