So what’s left?

I’m happy because I’m to a point where I know everything that has to be done.  Hard to believe.  I can’t say that I won’t have to make at least one more trip to Ace to buy some bolts though.

So what is left before we press the go pedal and promptly blow a fuse (probably)?

Next work session I’ll probably mount the battery regs.  I’m leaning towards a spacer and some adhesive to stick the regs right onto the batteries.  So that’s one trip to Ace for some number 6 screws and something rubber to screw into, like a half stopper.  Then I can put a piece of adhesive on it and glue it to the top of the battery.

After that, I’ll mount the potbox, probably to the frame.  The control board has some flex in it (on purpose) so I don’t want the throttle to jump around if I hit a bump.

Next up would be wiring all the signal wires to the controller.  I think I have most of them already cut and terminated so it should be a matter of only connecting them.  I do need to make sure that I have fuses everywhere I need them.  I do not want to turn the key and blow up any number of parts that cost over a thousand bucks.

Before connecting all the high voltage batteries I’ll test the low voltage system.  Leaving off the lead to the Raptor I’ll be able to turn the key and the vacuum pump, motor blower and power steering motor should all run.  I’ll need to bleed the power steering system which will provide and opportunity to test the motor to see if it is strong enough.  I’ll raise the front wheels and turn from side to side with the motor running and see if it works while bubbling any air out of the lines.

Also have to mount the battery charger.  It will go behind the driver’s seat and the Anderson 50 connector will drop below the floor to connect to the one I installed tonight.  I also need to have an electrician install an outlet for me  closer to the car and make an adapter to change from 220 to 110V.  I haven’t seen one anywhere so I think I need to make it.  I can only find NEMA 14-30R in a wall mount though so that’s not quite what I want.

Finally, mount the circit breaker (emergency disconnect, with a lever within driver’s reach) under the car near the shifter.  This will require a waterproof box with openings for the negative 2/0 cable to enter and exit, as well as a way to run a lever out and into the car, probably to where the ashtray is.  So the response to smoke would be the same, to open the ashtray. Ha.

So maybe within the next two weeks this baby could roll on.  There is a car show in mid-September that it would be neat to get it to.  Hopefully that will work out.

Has anyone seen pictures?  Me neither.  Seems like I’m leaving out the pictures now that I have a bunch of stuff in.  I suppose you’ll have to forgive me, I’m spending my time getting it done instead of logging information about it.  I’ll catch up once I’m done.  But will it ever really be done?  Probably not.

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