Making more cables

I made a couple more HV cables Friday night.  The bolts on the circuit breaker and shunt are bigger than the holes in the lugs.  I’d already run the cable to length for the CB so I drilled out the 5/16 hole to 3/8.  It took the tinning off the lug but it will be covered with heatshrink and the hole won’t actually be in contact with the washers so no worries.

I’m a little confused about the motor wiring.  The diagram from NetGain says it doesn’t matter which line from the controller goes where.  It seams that if a reversing contactor can be used to change the direction of the motor by switching wires (I’m not 100% on how reversing contactors work though) then the motor would spin the wrong way if wired wrong.

The other complicating point is that the preferred wiring configuration doesn’t match the wiring given in the bench test.  Given that the bench test worked how we wanted I’m wondering why we can’t wire it that way.

Also, the A1 to S1 connection on the WarP 11 is so close that two lugs won’t even fit between.  I either need a copper bar to drill out or make a long enough cable that can bend 180 degrees and not interfere with the A2 or S2 connections.

Getting close, counting down by weeks.

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